Banorte Site

Website and Online Banking redesign for one of the top banks in Mexico. Visit website

Banorte ATM

After years of black and green interfaces, Banorte surprises its users with a boost of user friendly interaction and color.

Banorte iPad App

First Mexican bank to create an iPad version. Banorte won the E-Commerce LATAM Award 2010

UDEM (University of Monterrey)

Trully an honor to be assigned for my alma mater's website redesign. Visit website

EGADE Business School

This redesign brought a contemporary feeling to ITESM Business School, standing out from its "brother websites". Visit website

Casa Madero

Website redesign for the oldest winehouse in Latin America. Casa Madero makes some of the finest wines of North and South America.

Whirlpool employee Store

Our team worked closely with Whirlpool Mexico in order to enhance the exclusive online-shopping experience for its employees.

Coppel World Cup Site

This commercial site got users' attention engaging them with entretaining games and appealing awards.

Torve (Recording Studio)

Torve is an independent studio based in Monterrey, Mexico. I was assigned to illustrate their work process. Visit website

So, this is what I've being up to since 2005...

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Currently working here

Enterprice Web Designer

You guessed right! I create appealing user interface comps while becoming a full blooded developer. This is a nice place to work. The people I work with are lovely as well. Also, I'm helping the CEO with newsletter updates.


Oct 2011 - Jan 2012

Interface Designer

Worked on web and mobile projects with designers from Puerto Rico, Argentina and Mexico.

Danilo Black

Jan 2010 – Aug 2011

Senior Web Media Designer

Responsible for keeping track of time tables and intern's activities.

Engaged in high level of communication in technical and non-technical language with clients, information architects and developers.

Responsible for generating creative and usable interfaces, mostly commercially orientated.

Redesigned the online banking user experience for Banorte, a major Mexican bank, unifying the look-and-feel for mobile devices and iPad. With this project, Banorte received the E-Commerce LATAM Award 2010 in the Innovation category and the Best Mobile Solution Award given by the Mexican Internet Association


Jan 2010 – Dec 2010

Invited Professor

Taught the weekly (three hour) Graphic Design course, which aimed to introduce students to real life projects in Editorial and Media Design by helping them understand the links between both design fields.

Danilo Black

Aug 2005 – Jan 2010

Junior Web Designer

Designer for several websites, bringing a fresh insight to the web interfaces on both national and international projects such as El Nuevo Día and Primera Hora in Puerto Rico.

Redesigned the ATM interface for Banorte's Cash Points, currently in use across the country.

Wilter Pohls Mexico

Jul 2008 – May 2009

Design Consultant

Collaborated with a team commissioned to redesign Axa Insurance's Communication Strategy in Mexico, making information clear and understandable for customers whilst still aligning the editorial design to brand’s identity.

Danilo Black

Jan 2005 – Jul 2005

Design Intern

Redesigned Christus-Muguerza Hospital's Brand giving it a modern and humanistic identity, coached by Branding Art Director.

Studied and traveled to: Back to top

Experience Design Short Course

Topics covered: Human Behavior Research; Interactive Communication Systems, and Narrative Space Design

Central Saint Martins College
of Art and Design

Apr - Jun 2008

Children's Book Illustration Short Course

Quick creative projects involving storytelling, understanding the relationship between image and text, exploring illustration techniques, book formats and composition.

BA, Graphic Design

Courses included: Art History; Brand Identity Design; Typography; Editorial Design; Illustration; Interactive Design; Psychology; Sociology; and Ethics.

Useful tools inside my backpack...Back to top


Fireworks; Photoshop; Illustrator; InDesign; Flash; Dreamweaver.

Foreing languages:

Spanish (native); English (fluent); Portuguese (good).

When not working I'm:

Swimming, traveling, drawing, sewing, involved in social projects for my Community

Recent readings:
  • “Delivering Happiness”, Hseih.
  • “Gamestorming”, Dave Gray.
  • “Nudge”, Thaler & Sunstein.
  • “Change by Design”, Tim Brown.
  • “What happens while reading? Tipography and Legibility”, Unger.
  • “The Universe in a single atom”, Dalai Lama.